Bulangula beach at sunset wild coast south africa

30 reasons why South Africa’s Wild Coast is the best place in the world to be a backpacker

The Wild Coast is like no other destination in South Africa. Far from the chaos of the cities, it’s a place where backpackers mingle with Xhosa villagers, devoted surfers and new-age hippies far away from the rest of the world. You’ll know you’ve reached the Wild Coast when the highway gives-way to a rough dirt track, and you begin to see more roaming livestock than cars on the road. Psychedelic green hills, crested with quintessential mud rondavels dominate the scenery then part to reveal a vast and endless coastline framed beneath a staggering sky. read more

Exploring Madagascar’s Pangalanes Canals: A weekend in Manambato

Enchanting Manambato, located on the white sand shores of lake Rasoabe, is a little slice of paradise nestled along the Pangalanes canals. Eleven kilometers North of Brickaville, and a further seven kilometers along a rough dirt track, it is one of the few destinations along the Pangalanes canals that you can access without a boat.

A backpacker’s Guide to Travelling Mauritius on a Budget

Famously known for its white sand beaches, azure waters and luxury resorts, the island of Mauritius has long been known as a honeymoon destination and a fantasy retreat for those dreaming of the ultimate tropical paradise. The island’s little known secret is that, just outside the gates of the luxury resorts, there awaits another Mauritius, an island ripe for exploration and perfectly accessible to those of us wanting to explore Mauritius on a budget.

Which Mauritian beach is best for you?

With miles of coastline and endless white sands, Mauritius offers a dizzying selection of near perfect beaches. So how do you find the one that is right for you? You’re choice will depend on what you are after. Whether its buzzing promenades, rugged cliffs or secluded coves, Mauritius has something for everyone. Scroll through the overview of Mauritius’s best beaches below to find the one that if right for you. 

A visit to Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana is like a breath for fresh air. Just 30km off the RN7 between Abositra and Fianaransoa, it seems to be a world away from the dusty highlands and a welcome stop after a day on the road. As you wind your way towards the park you’ll feel a noticeable drop in temperature as the world around you becomes ever more shrouded in forest and mist. The sound of rushing water and the occasional glimpse of passing waterfalls provide your first tantalizing taste of what to expect from this extraordinary park. read more

Everything you need to know when visiting Andasibe

Nestled in misty forest, Andasibe is the gateway to some of Madagascar’s best national parks and reserves. The area hosts a wealth of hiking, climbing and wildlife experiences and is your best chance to spot the indri-indri, the word’s largest lemur. Andasibe is easily accessible from both Antananarivo and Tamatave, making it a popular stop on most traveler’s itineraries.

Indian market

The Do’s and Don’ts of packing for India: What you really need to know!

Packing for India can be daunting especially if it’s your first visit. Before our first big Indian adventure, I spent days sifting through online packing-lists, one telling you to bring almost nothing, the next listing everything under the sun. So what do you ACTUALLY need when packing for India?

Doing Reunion Island on a budget

One of the things that makes Reunion Island so magnificent is the fusion of French culture and island life. The colonial buildings and sidewalk cafes are reminiscent of Paris, but the beaches and tropical climate give-off some serious island vibes.

Getting to know the Cirque de Cilaos

Cilaos is one of Reunion’s famous cirques, a majestic natural amphitheater carved out of the crater of an ancient volcano. This striking jungle-clad interior is what Reunion is renowned for and what really makes this island truly unique.

Making the Most of Reunion’s French Capital: 24 Hours in Saint-Denis

If you’re visiting Reunion Island, you’ll likely spend a night in Saint-Denis. Nestled between mountains, sky and sea, Saint-Denis is the entry point for most overseas visitors and Reunion’s largest city. Surprisingly this little French capital often gets overlooked by travelers