Exploring Madagascar’s Pangalanes Canals: A weekend in Manambato

Enchanting Manambato, located on the white sand shores of lake Rasoabe, is a little slice of paradise nestled along the Pangalanes canals. Eleven kilometers North of Brickaville, and a further seven kilometers along a rough dirt track, it is one of the few destinations along the Pangalanes canals that you can access without a boat.

A visit to Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana is like a breath for fresh air. Just 30km off the RN7 between Abositra and Fianaransoa, it seems to be a world away from the dusty highlands and a welcome stop after a day on the road. As you wind your way towards the park you’ll feel a noticeable drop in temperature as the world around you becomes ever more shrouded in forest and mist. The sound of rushing water and the occasional glimpse of passing waterfalls provide your first tantalizing taste of what to expect from this extraordinary park. read more

Everything you need to know when visiting Andasibe

Nestled in misty forest, Andasibe is the gateway to some of Madagascar’s best national parks and reserves. The area hosts a wealth of hiking, climbing and wildlife experiences and is your best chance to spot the indri-indri, the word’s largest lemur. Andasibe is easily accessible from both Antananarivo and Tamatave, making it a popular stop on most traveler’s itineraries.