Making the Most of Reunion’s French Capital: 24 Hours in Saint-Denis

If you’re visiting Reunion Island, you’ll likely spend a night in Saint-Denis. Nestled between mountains, sky and sea, Saint-Denis is the entry point for most overseas visitors and Reunion’s largest city. Surprisingly this little French capital often gets overlooked by travelers eager to reach the beaches and mountains the island is most famous for. True, Saint-Denis doesn’t offer up any of Reunion’s big ticket items, but for those with a day up their sleeve, it’s a great introduction to life on the island, and an opportune chance to soak up the French language and Creole culture that makes this place so unique. A day in the capital will get you acquainted with Reunion’s rich history and give you a chance to sample the best of Reunion’s shopping, dining and nightlife. For our tips on how best to spend 24 hours in the capital, follow the link below.

Making the Most of Reunion’s Capital: 24 Hours in Saint-Denis


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